The skills that agribusiness needs: Amazon boss


What are the skills our education systems should be delivering for the future of agribusiness? Rachael Neumann, head of Australia and NZ startups for Amazon Web Services throws out the challenge.

“We know that 80% of the jobs that will be required in the next 10-15 years are unknown to us right now so it’s really hard to have an educational system that’s vocational based when we don’t know what the jobs of the future are,” she said.

She was addressing the opening session of evokeAG today (February 19 2020) in Melbourne.

“You need to think ‘what are the personal attributes that are needed for many jobs of the future’? They are hypothesis posing, problem solving, being able to work amid adversity, being able to grapple with ambiguity and how to come out with a focused plan of attack.

“Those are the skills we need to be developing much more than a piece of paper or a set of vocational skills, because we have no idea what the future will be like.”

Ms Neumann is a ministerial appointment on the Entrepreneurs’ Programme Committee, which distributes commercialisation and acceleration funding on behalf of the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

Research for Agriculture is among the 1300 agribusiness participants attending evokeAG and providing running reports from the conference.

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