New investment in fruit fly management welcomed


The National Fruit Fly Council welcomes the announcement of further investment to strengthen the fruit fly management system.

Fruit flies are recognised as one of the most important pests for horticultural production in Australia and can be a major constraint to domestic and international trade.

New investment in fruit fly management welcomed

“Having a strong fruit fly system is very important as it will ensure growers and state governments have the tools they need to understand and manage the fruit fly threat, and to eradicate outbreaks if they occur,” said Council Chair Jon Durham.

“We cannot be complacent. The changing impact of fruit flies in production regions and 2017’s outbreaks highlight that we need to always be on our guard,” Mr Durham said.

The Council, which met on Tuesday 20 November 2018, was pleased to hear more detail about the commitment from the Australian Government to the national system, supporting exports and on the ground management of fruit flies.

Speaking at the funding announcement on his orchard in Mooroopna, Victoria, fruit grower and Council member Peter Hall said a comprehensive approach that looks at surveillance, monitoring and appropriate action in all regions of Australia is the best way forward.

“This is an excellent result as our export markets are demanding better control over pests and diseases, and a program like this is sorely needed.

“We need a system that ensures Australia continues to be a preferred provider of high quality, safe horticultural products,” he said.

As the only group that brings together industry and government from across Australia to consider the fruit fly management challenge, the Council looks forward to maximising the benefits of this investment and providing advice on targeting these investments for maximum impact.

About the National Fruit Fly Council

The National Fruit Fly Council brings together government, Hort Innovation and growers to develop a national approach to managing Mediterranean fruit fly and Queensland fruit fly.

The Council is supported by a National Manager as well as technical and administrative support from Plant Health Australia.

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Featured Image: Adult Queensland fruit fly on apple. Image acknowledgement: G.T. O’Loughlin,

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