Latest innovation in herbicide resistant hybrid canola travels 13,000km from Chile for Australian first in farming


Following the Chinese government’s approval of the Bayer-developed TruFlex® herbicide resistant trait, market-leading seed producer Pacific Seeds has announced the launch of two new canola varieties that integrate the Truflex trait.

China is Australia’s largest export market for Canola, so this approval of this hybrid is essential for Australian growers.

Grown and harvested in Chile, the first pilot quantities of TruFlex® seed have made the journey all the way from South America to Toowoomba where the hybrid has undergone quality control measures before preparing for dispatch to Western Australia for an Australian first trial of the hybrid.

Pacific Seeds Managing Director Barry Crocker will be overseeing the dispatch of the TruFlex® canola hybrid and said Pacific Seeds are excited to see how the canola hybrid is received in WA.

“This is the first big innovation in extended spray application technology since 1996, farmers have been crying out for an innovation and we’re thrilled to be able to offer the latest technology now, responding to the demand from our customers.

“By providing an extended the spray window, the TruFlex® trait offers more flexibility for growers and improved weed management,” said Mr Crocker.

The TruFlex® canola hybrid was dispatched from the Pacific Seeds facility at 268 Anzac Avenue on Tuesday 19 March 2019.

“Being able to watch as the freight dispatches to Western Australia will culminate the significant design and production journey of the TruFlex® hybrid, and we’re excited to offer the latest technology to Australian farmers.

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Featured Image: Pacific Seeds managing director Barry Croker

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