Deakin University partners for soil C study


Deakin University is partnering with a consortium for a $289,000 project demonstrating the benefits of boosting soil carbon in south-west Victoria.

Heytesbury District Landcare Network (HDLN) will lead the project involving 20 dairy, beef, sheep and other farms over two years.

HDLN coordinator Geoff Rollinson said the project aims to show how different soil activities can increase soil carbon, moisture content and nutrient content. A series of on-farm tests will measure soil health improvements and increases in the nutrient and vitamin value of milk and meat.

The project has been funded by the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation through the Eldon and Anne Foote Trust and includes as partners EAROPH, Focus, Corangamite CMA, Corangamite Shire and Triple R BioChar.

The group is also working with Agriprove to develop a platform for farmers to potentially chase carbon credits through the Emissions Reduction Fund.

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