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Research for Agriculture is an engaged community passionate about collaborating to share knowledge in order to drive the sustainability of agriculture.

Celebrating the successes in all research fields and all farm industry sectors.


Research for Agriculture addresses the biggest gaps in agricultural research:

What happens to current agricultural research once it is produced?

Why do we need to dig so far and wide to find and connect with current agricultural research?

So much excellent agricultural research is never seen or shared, often getting buried under the next upload or inside burgeoning storerooms.

Ironically, poor readership impacts research funding, information sharing, policy development and of course the next research project.

Stewarding quality, targeted agriculture knowledge to interested parties requires a brave new world of skills, tools and commitment.

Research for Agriculture was conceived by a team of agriculture communications professionals. Recognising the daily challenge of getting relevant audiences in front of good research, the group built a centralised agriculture ‘research-hub’ model. Partnerships were formed with key industry stakeholders.

Research for Agriculture recognises that scientists and students don’t have the time or interest in pushing their own research through the myriad of communications channels, nor monitoring which research is being read and which is gathering dust. Equally, we understand that communications teams assigned to building audiences are juggling an array of competing demands, making individual attention to every article difficult, if not impossible.

This is where Research for Agriculture can help. While our website is freely available to all agriculture researchers to submit article proposals, those seeking dedicated article marketing and reporting may opt for one of our proactive publishing packages.

Whether you are looking to publish your research or want to quickly find other research relevant to your studies, policies or general interest, we aim for Research for Agriculture to be your first query.

About Research For Agriculture

How it works

The key principles in founding Research for Agriculture are that agricultural research:

  • must be freely available to everyone
  • must be easily found and shared
  • warrants proactive propagation

By establishing a network of partners, with relevant targeted audiences, Research for Agriculture distributes high quality content to over 15,000 inboxes, 300,000 monthly website network visitors, 10,000 social media followers and 15,000 recipients of our magazine (available in digital and print).


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Research for Agriculture Magazine.

The Research for Agriculture Magazine is a vital source of knowledge for the future of agriculture. Contributors from all fields of research provide up to date, credible information for all farming sectors.

Available in both print and digital formats, Research for Agriculture Magazine is published quarterly.

Stories from Australia and around the world!

Story suggestions can be forwarded to editor@researchforagriculture.com.au


Research For Agriculture

Research for Agriculture is partnering with key players, both in research and in agriculture. Get involved today!

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