Canola hybrids bolster strong outcomes in face of global demand

Canola hybrids

As global demand for oilseed outstrips supply1, Aussie farmers are turning to new hybrids for greater flexibility, increased yields, and excellent weed control using multiple modes of action in order to meet the rising pressure for canola products.

Australia is the world’s second largest exporter of canola seed, with canola production estimated to increase by 74 per cent in 2020-2021, due to growing demand for vegetable oils2.

Following above average summer rainfall in 2020, farmers like Gerald Bardell – located just west of Horsham, Victoria – were hoping to take full advantage of favourable weather by using innovative hybrids like Hyola Enforcer CT – Pacific Seeds’ newest non-GM dual stacked canola hybrid.

“What’s really important for us is weed control and the dual stack technology of the Enforcer CT allows us to utilise the triazines, as well as IMI chemistry into our rotation,” Mr Bardell said.

“We are able to get pre and post emergent weed control by using Sentry, a Group B herbicide and the Triazine chemistry, a Group C herbicide.”

Canola is highly susceptible to weed competition during the early stages of growth, requiring an integrated weed management (IWM) program to minimise weed-seed set and contamination that can ultimately reduce grain quality.

“We have a five-year rotation where we have a brown manure phase in the first year and then plant a Clearfield and Triazine dual tolerant variety of canola the next year, to utilise all the stored moisture that’s there,” Mr Bardell said.

“This achieves a two-year break before we plant barley and that two-year break – with different modes of action herbicide, introducing the Enforcer CT, the stacked herbicide traits – has really helped us control problem weeds.

“The Sentry IBS in a dry sowing situation and then the Triazine weed control option early post emergent in canola has definitely worked for us.”

Pacific Seeds’ Hyola branded varieties include the world’s first Clearfield® + Triazine dual herbicide tolerant canola hybrid and has been developed to make growers seasonal cropping programs more flexible and profitable, providing additional protection against chemical carryover from previous crops.

With the core fundamentals of yield reliability, dual herbicide tolerance and high oil capability, the Hyola Enforcer CT hybrid is also a great tool for IWM and managing both Group B imidazolinone (IMI) and Sulfonylureas (SU’s) residues in drier seasons.

With the Enforcer CT, I found it had more vigor earlier on than the previous 580 CT, which was really useful when it came to weed control thanks to increased crop competition,” Mr Bardell said.

“We’re really happy with how the season went and plan to move entirely to Enforcer CT this year, while keeping the diversity in our rotation to maximise weed control.”

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Featured Image: Gerard Bardell