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Australian agricultural research showcased like never before

RESEARCH for AGRICULTURE 2020 yearbook

R4A 2020 Australia’s 1st Yearbook dedicated purely to the best Agricultural Research our country has to offer.

The focus of the RESEARCH for AGRICULTURE 2020 yearbook is on the ‘best of the best’ in Australian research, innovation and technology.

With topics that relate to all farming sectors and all fields of research, R4A 2020 will be available in both glossy print and digital formats in December 2020.

A prestigious publication filled with top research with fabulous imagery, R4A 2020 is essential reading for agriculture industry professionals, farmers, agricultural researchers, consultants, policy makers, marketers, government, investors, educators and students.

Included in this important publication:

  • Snapshots of some of the top agricultural research for the year
  • Farm trials, case studies and farmer success stories
  • Profiles of Australian researchers
  • Leading research organisations
  • Courses and learning opportunities available in 2021

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