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Opportunities for Pacific ag-internships


Student internships into agritourism and papaya marketing are being offered through the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR).

The internships are paid, three-month appointments which include up to six weeks working with an ACIAR host project.

The two Pacific internships are for agritourism and papaya marketing and can be completed during 2020. Submission deadline is 6 March 2020.

Information is here: ACIAR Student Internship Pacific Agritourism and here ACIAR Student Internship Pacific Papaya

Applicants must be enrolled in a Masters or PhD and must be Australian citizens or permanent residents. Students must complete the Internship application form and submit a two-page CV. The application form is here: ACIAR Student Intern Application Form

ACIAR is funded by the Commonwealth Government to undertake research for development, partnering with developing countries in Asia, the Pacific, and Africa.

More? Contact Anwen Lovett at anwen.lovett@gmail.com