Al Gore to conduct climate leadership training in Brisbane

Former US Vice President Al Gore will visit Brisbane next year to conduct climate change leadership training for up to a 1000 people from across Australia and the Pacific.

The three-day event at the Brisbane Convention Centre 5 to 7 June 2019 – run by the Climate Reality Project – will see business and community leaders trained to be educators and take action with climate solutions, as the world moves to meet its commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Queensland Environment and Science Minister Leeanne Enoch said the Qld Government was proud to host the event.

“I spoke with Al Gore when I attended the Global Climate Action Summit in September, and encouraged him to bring himself and the Climate Reality Project to Queensland,” she said.

“By securing this internationally recognised event for Brisbane, the Qld Government is putting Queensland at the forefront of important climate change work.

“This major event will provide the skills for business and community leaders to influence the community to take action on climate change.

“Climate change is a fundamental challenge facing our planet today and it is critical that we unite to take urgent and strong action to reduce our carbon pollution,” Minister Enoch said.

Professor Don Henry, Chair of Climate Reality Australia, said that this is the first time Noble Prize winner Mr Gore will do a training on this crucial issue in Queensland and Northern Australia.

“It is a good opportunity for people from all walks of life to be better informed and act on the solutions needed to tackle climate change,” Professor Henry.

“With the Great Barrier Reef threatened by climate change and action needed across the Asia/Pacific region the training will be of global significance.”

The training will be free of charge and is expected to attract around 5 000 applicants, with between 800 and 1,000 selected to take part.

Further details are available on The Climate Reality Project website

Source: Qld Government