$1.4 billion whole grain findings could also help boost exports to Asia


New research from the Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council (GLNC) will help increase whole grain consumption not just in Australia, but across Asia.

GLNC found that $1.4 billion in healthcare costs could be saved if Australian consumers swapped three serves a day of refined grain foods for whole grains.

AEGIC CEO Richard Simonaitis said GLNC’s research findings would prove very valuable.

“Along with the potential benefits to consumers and the healthcare industry in Australia, this evidence will really support AEGIC’s efforts to position Australian wheat as the preferred choice for whole grain products in Asia,” he said.

“Thanks to this new GLNC research — and AEGIC’s previous findings proving Australian wheat has clear colour and flavour advantages for Asian whole grain products — we can present a very compelling case to Asian customers about why they should be choosing to buy more Australian wheat.”

Whole grain consumption in Asia is expected to grow significantly in the coming decade as more and more consumers recognise the health benefits.

AEGIC is a Foundation Contributor to GLNC.

Source: AEGIC

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